I’m Jane Johnson and I’m so glad you stopped by.  This little writing haven began very quietly in the summer of 2013.  There was no contact form.  No special design.  No custom fonts.  My first post was written less than a year after my best friend died from stage four colon cancer, and just over seven years into our wait for a family.  (I prefer to call it delayed fertility.)  I needed a public writing outlet.  A purpose to the pain.  An understanding that someone out there would read my words and they would resonate.  To know that I wasn’t alone in my grief.

After a 7-month sabbatical in which God had me filling my journal pages with things that might come to light some day, He reignited the passion.  And for the first time, the designer in me recognized that this is a thing that is here to stay and it was time to brand it.  So I did.  Soon, I will finally write a full post about what all these palms mean to me.  And why they’re all over my site.  But for now, I’m embracing this new direction God is pushing me in.  And I’m owning the new title I’ve given myself:

writer & scripture-digger

I was in 1 Chronicles 17 the other day, reading a story about God revealing something to David.  And David, in turn, prayed it before God.  But that word “reveal” held a very specific picture hidden in the Hebrew.  One of uncovering an ear by taking away the hair.  Every single morning, He literally take His finger and tucks my very thick hair behind my ear so He can whisper to me.  Clearly.  And unmistakably.  Because He wants to ensure I don’t miss even one syllable.

The second word picture behind “reveal” is to unfold a book.  Friends, we have a story to tell.  If only we would take some time to sit in His presence, tuck our hair behind our ears, and allow Him to unfold the book.  To read us the story He has already written for our lives.  That we can turn around and pray it back to Him in faith, and then share it with the world.

These writings are pieces taken from my prayer journals.  A re-telling of the things He’s whispered to me after tucking my hair behind my ear.  Thanks so much for joining the journey!

I am a wife | daughter | sister | twin | auntie | miracle-mama.

By trade, I am a  children’s photographer and brand stylist & designer.

I have been married to an overly handsome man for over a decade.

These words are excerpts from my journals.

Remember the word to Your servant, upon which You have caused me to hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your Word has given me life.
– Psalm 119:49-50