Treasures of Darkness


Introducing Treasures of Darkness: A Nine Week Bible Study

In 2011, Jane Johnson was five years into a battle with infertility. Her best friend was five months into an 18-month battle with stage four colon cancer. Prayer journals provided an outlet through which she was able to tread privately in the dark waters of grieving, heartache, and loss.

Three years later, coming from a place of healing and restoration, she stitched together her experiences through these journals into an in-depth women’s Bible study exploring the intrinsic holiness found in affliction and joy. Faith and thankfulness. Contentment and sovereignty. And the priceless treasures that can be found in the darkest of days. In this study, Jane provides the tools necessary to dig deeper into scripture and press deeper into your relationship with God. That you may know that He is the LORD. And He has called you by name. Even through the darkness.

Treasures of Darkness: A Nine Week Bible Study
Paperback – September 4, 2014
by Jane Johnson