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You're a Curious Explorer

Your sweet spot is in discovery—making your own unprompted light-bulb connections with the Holy Spirit guiding your morning.

You are driven to explore, learn, and understand the world around you and aren’t satisfied with taking someone else’s word for something - you need to see it for yourself. Like Moses in Exodus 3:2-4, you can’t help but turn aside to look at something that catches your eye.


Your curiosity and imagination can allow you to think beyond conventional boundaries and revolutionize your understanding of the Bible if you let it.


You are much more comfortable committing to 15 minutes of intentional Scripture study over a generic and abstract commitment to “reading more.” Start with these:

top passages for curious explorers

exodus 3:1-5

Psalm 34

Ephesians 1:7-10

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I'm Jane Johnson

I'm a Bible teacher, Scripture-digger, 90s rap aficionado (I bet you've never seen those things together before), and miracle-mama three times over.


The decade-long wait for motherhood forced me to dig into the depths of Scripture with white-knuckle faith, refusing to let go of God because I knew He would never let go of me.


These days, I teach women like you how to dig deep into God's Word the same way.



Aside from feeding your curiosity, cross-referencing serves a singular purpose in your Scripture study: letting the Bible explain itself.


Cross-referencing is a verse in Scripture that links to the same theme, word, or subject mentioned in the verse (or passage) that you are reading. Even better? It can also help to clarify confusing and difficult-to-understand Scripture sections.


Studying the life of Jesus? Cross-referencing not only includes finding parallel gospel passages that share the same story (sometimes with different details). It also connects those passages with Old Testament prophecies showing Him as the fulfillment of them. So, once you've finished tracing the trail of references, you walk away with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what He did.

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ready for more?

Check your Inbox

for a how-to guide

You will receive a note from me with even more quiet time tips that’ll make your morning sing.

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