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You're a Social Thriver

Your sweet spot is human connection—if you aren't doing a Bible study with people, you are studying about them.

Story short: you love people. You excel in social settings and have a natural ability to carry conversations with friends and strangers alike. You are adept at building and maintaining relationships, are a skilled communicator, and understand the nuances of social cues that many people never even notice.


You have a keen ability to manage your own emotions and also the emotions of the people around you.


Your love for people naturally lends itself to eagerly sharing of what God is speaking to you. Because of that, you will love digging into these:

top verses for social thrivers

matthew 18:19-20

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Psalm 30:11-12

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I'm Jane Johnson

I'm a Bible teacher, Scripture-digger, 90s rap aficionado (I bet you've never seen those things together before), and miracle-mama three times over.


The decade-long wait for motherhood forced me to dig into the depths of Scripture with white-knuckle faith, refusing to let go of God because I knew He would never let go of me.


These days, I teach women like you how to dig deep into God's Word the same way.


Character Study

Here's the deal: you don't just love people, you love learning how they think. What makes them tick. And, most importantly, you love seeing how God turns their flaws into flourishing examples of His grace.


Choose a specific character from the Bible that you wish to study - it can be a major figure like Moses or David, or a lesser-known character who played a significant role in a particular story. Look at their virtues and also their vices.


If you look closely enough, you'll see: even "the greats" were imperfect. But God used them anyway.

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ready for more?

Check your Inbox

for a how-to guide

You will receive a note from me with even more quiet time tips that’ll make your morning sing.

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