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From Prayer Journal to Big Idea

The beginning of 2016 happened to coincide with the beginning of a brand new prayer journal. I stood staring at shelves of journals in the bookstore one afternoon, taking in my array of options when one cover caught my eye. A design element that was bordered out on black that immediately brought three words to mind: tree of life.

I picked it up and ran my hand over the soft leather. Maybe this journal will be the one, I thought. The one with the theme of answered prayer and promise fulfilled and miracle rendered.

2016 was already looking to be a year of finishing—finishing my list of 1,000 thanks, finishing my ten-year journey through Search the Scriptures. Even if this journal is not those things, I wrote just a few pages and days in, it’s still a chronicling of my daily conversations with You. Because rest and mundane and the same old thing is still okay. There is still glory there too.

As it turned out, two months later, it proved to be everything I had dreamed of. The gut feeling in my spirit came to be, and I recorded the news of our very first miracle babe on its perfectly lined pages.

I had a similar story happen again recently, another year, another journal. I picked up a new prayer journal at a local boutique, knowing it wasn’t anything I would ordinarily ever select. Every journal I had filled in recent years was a neutral leather with no detailing on its cover. But this one? I bought it on a whim. It was seafoam green (read: more color than I am comfortable with) and had the words “Big Ideas” imprinted in gold letters on its cover. So, nothing that would be at the top of my list (or on my list at all) for a new prayer journal. But it’s the one that came home with me.

and then, one day, the “big idea” hit its pages

When it did, I realized I was writing the details of it on the pages of a journal designed to contain the biggest kinds of dreams you could ever dream up. At the time, I felt silly buying it, knowing it wouldn’t be used as an idea-keeper. But God knew. He knew that this new thing would be born on its pages. And when I realized it, I just shook my head in awe of Him.

Fast forward a few “chapters” to last week, I had a virtual meeting with an incredible manufacturing team to talk about the first steps of getting this new thing out into the world and it went so well that I felt my world shift a little bit when it was over. As in, the same way I felt after the first date with my husband and I knew right then I would marry him kind of world shift.
This big idea is so new and dreamed-up that I actually have to create a prototype for it! And here’s the best part: I’m bringing you into every single step of the process. Starting right here, right now, with the color scheme.

I’ll spill the beans on the project later this week. And I’ll spill it to my inner circle first – so make sure you’re signed up for my emails! Until then, let’s take a poll:

select a color family

If you had to pick one color scheme to live with for the next five years, which one would it be?

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Thanks so much for indulging me! I cannot wait to reveal my new “big idea” and let you all in on it from its very beginning stages! Stay tuned!

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