Welcome to my writing haven - I'm so glad you stopped by! This is place I post publicly the Scripture-based-truths I've been chewing on privately. When I do, you can bet your biscuits that it's likely no longer morning and I'm still a pajama-clad bed-head with a half-empty coffee mug somewhere close by.

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In its intrinsic nature, selah is an interlude tucked into the middle of a psalm, and it didn’t take long for me to know: those psalm-interruptions are a perfect pattern of my not-so-quiet-time life these days. This FREE, limited series of writings are birthed out of my daily grind with our three miracle babes (aged three years and younger).

Finally, the 2021 daily Devotional Planner you've been waiting for! Featuring 52 Monday morning devotionals (each connecting to the previous in one, ongoing, year-long narrative, devotional-study). Plus daily quotes & insights, monthly quiet time tips, and all the other things you would want in a daily planner!

"Untwist your twisted heart from that waiting-for thing and re-twist is right around Me and bind yourself to Me like a rope, because I am the Creator or new conditions and new circumstances. And I will love you through this until I get you there."



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