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I'm so happy you are here!

I help women like you dig deep into God's Word and transform their quiet times forever.

I'm also a miracle-mama to three, and the decade-long wait for them forced me to dig into the depths of Scripture just to survive the heartache. Without that, I wouldn't be here. So, never underestimate the wait for one calling - it could be the caveat that creates the lifelong one.

The unapologetic Bible teacher who is teaching a generation how to study Scripture

so they can teach the next.

It is my thrill and honor to invite you to join over 100,000 women who have completed my free 7-day devotional on the YouVersion app!

In this 7-day study, we see together how diving into God’s Word in fresh, full-to-the-brim ways in seasons of waiting can fill your life to overflowing.

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The Prologue

Have a little more time to settle in and read?

You really need to know these additional nuggets to get our full story:

Have a little time to settle in and read?

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