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Mornings with Jesus aren’t one-size-fits-all. Ready to tailor yours to your personality and make your morning thrive?

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Dig Your Well Podcast

Season 2 drops July 31st!

Let's dig deeply into God’s Word together and transform your quiet time forever

Jane Johnson invites you to drink from her well with her conference-style Bible teaching podcast designed to help women like you redefine their morning quiet time by digging in, ditching the devotionals, and learning to know the voice of God speaking intimately in your life.

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Episode 001: Meet Jane and the Dig Your Well Story

Episode 006: Against All Odds - Gripping on Gall When it Doesn't Make Sense

Episode 013: The Showing of Faith - James 2:14-25

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A private space to gather with like-minded women, be encouraged, challenged, and fall deeper in love with God’s Word that we are already absolutely enamored with.

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