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His Plans are Always Moving Forward


We have some dear friends in town right now. And yesterday morning, we sat on the beach. And Emily and I were talking about the sovereignty of God. She had recently been to a church in California where the pastor was also talking about the plans of God. And how they keep moving forward. Always.

And I got to thinking about the wait. And the in-between days. Months. Years, even, before His promise catches up with His miracle. And how they feel so… frozen. Stuck. Paused in that awkward moment where you face is stuck in the most unflattering position.

But in those moments where it feels like the waiting is worthless? And He’s not doing a thing to advance the timeline of your miracle? That’s when He’s busy writing your story.

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester for this sweet babe. And so far, his divinely-written story has been my very favorite. #miraclebabyjohnson #28weeks

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