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It’s a Girl!

Last weekend, our closest friends filled our home to the gills for a good, old fashioned BBQ, and to be there with us the moment we found out the gender of our third miracle babe. All night, people asked me what I thought it was. I kept to the safe answer, too scared to say out loud deep down what my gut was telling me for fear of being wrong.

And then, we lit the smoke sticks. They threw off a blue hue at first, throwing us off the trail. And then? The pink came billowing. I looked at my friend who had the sneak peek at the ultrasound photo and said: “is this right???!” She confirmed it, handing me the picture for proof.

Ever since early in our marriage, I’ve said that Josh needs a little girl to soften him up a little bit. And I’ve had more than one dream of a baby girl (most of them were of twin girls, and I‘m relieved that small detail didn’t make its way into our narrative). I even prayed often before in those years of waiting that my daughter would be able to read my chicken scratch handwriting and carry this legacy-stack of prayer journals into the next generation.

And then we had a boy. And then another boy. And I thought, “ok, they might not appreciate these journals as much, but maybe their wives will someday.” And then this little one came along. From the beginning of the pregnancy, some nuances were different, and I told Josh more than once that I would be so surprised if this babe weren’t a girl. And then the second trimester came, and the symptoms subsided, and I settled into an easy expectation of another round of blue.

I’m pretty sure both of our faces in this first photo sum it all up. 😂 Josh, with a terrified half-smile and me, about ready to jump out of my skin. We threw this gender reveal plan together at the last minute two weeks ago (it’s pretty much how we roll in life), and I’m so glad that we did. It was the surprise of my LIFE to see that pink smoke. Now, I need to get used to using those female pronouns (and try my hardest to not buy evvvvvvery irresistible baby girl outfit I lay my eyes on). 🥰💕


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