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Yehovah Manah

I had every intention of blogging through the entire SEEK Devotional last month.

Isn’t it funny how God interrupts plans?

The truth is, He showed up in a way that I never expected during those 21 days.  And some day, maybe I’ll tell you about it.  But for right now, I just feel like I’m supposed to stop.

Stop my spinning brain.
Stop planning.
Stop building.
Stop expanding.
Stop pushing my nose to the very edge of what I can see of my right now in a brazen attempt to see what’s next.

I’m settling in to something strikingly akin to contentment.  But a richer version of it.  Or maybe it’s what God always tried telling me contentment was and I just didn’t get it.  I wasn’t there yet.  So the idea of the kind of peace that lays upon your soul  like an extra heavy, and oh-so-comforting blanket is not quite imaginable.  Because you won’t get it until you get there.

I’m in a place of gathering.  Every single morning.  Gathering the manna.  That’s what I felt like He was telling me after the second day of the SEEK devotional.  When I abruptly stopped posting.

Gather the manna and save your words, He said.  Your words are not for this.  They are not for right now.

But what about this thing I have going?  I asked.

Gather the manna now and you can feed the five thousand later, He replied.  I couldn’t argue with it.

And then, when I quieted my typing fingers and busied my writing ones, He continued the conversation.  Because He wasn’t just asking me to look for the daily truths laid out for me in the morning as the manna that fed His people so many generations ago.  He was asking me to gather Him.  To look for Him.  To fill my pockets and pantry shelves and journal pages with Him.

Because the LORD is my portion (Psalm 16:5).  If you read that in the original Hebrew, do you know what you will see?

Yehovah manah.

So I’m slowing down.  And saving my words.  Storing them up for an unknown amount of time.

Until then,


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