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Welcome to my writing haven – I’m so glad you stopped by! This is place I post publicly the Scripture-based-truths I’ve been chewing on privately. When I do, you can bet your biscuits that it’s likely no longer morning and I’m still a pajama-clad bed-head with an empty coffee mug somewhere close by.

I am the wife to an overly handsome man living on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.  I’m also a creative entreprenuer, and a scripture-digger having a passionate love affair with the Word of God.  The words published here are excerpts from my journals.

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The Procrastination of Sweetness

This article was originally published in Be Still Magazine. I think I gave my mother a heart attack the night before my wedding.  When I think back on it, I have to admit – it was a little crazy.  I was the bride that should have been tucked

Magnify the LORD with Me

I woke up this morning the way that I sometimes do – a little bit earlier than normal.  And with some very specific words reverberating in my still-sleepy mind: oh magnify the LORD I could have gone back to sleep.  I could have missed the

The Autumn Rain: A Fall Quiet Time in a Tropical Evergreen World

I woke up this morning craving the kind of quiet time that I’m not sure is out there.  One that somehow represented the changing of the seasons.  Warm and cozy.  With scarves pulled tight and boots worn proud and fresh coffee warming chilly

Facebook Live with Unveiled Wife and Husband Revolution

Josh and I had the privilege of hanging out with Jennifer and Aaron last Friday evening, and part of it was spent squeezed in close on our couch and sharing our story of waiting for our miracle on a live Facebook broadcast shared simultaneously on