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Welcome to my writing haven – I’m so glad you stopped by! This is place I post publicly the Scripture-based-truths I’ve been chewing on privately. When I do, you can bet your biscuits that it’s likely no longer morning and I’m still a pajama-clad bed-head with an empty coffee mug somewhere close by.

I am the wife to an overly handsome man living on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.  I’m also a creative entreprenuer, and a scripture-digger having a passionate love affair with the Word of God.  The words published here are excerpts from my journals.

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Dear Monday, (and Isaiah 43:19)

“Behold, I will do a new thing.” It seems to be the catch-phrase verse that is most often quoted at the start of a brand new year.  And with it comes to the hope of new beginnings.  New resolutions.  New dreams.  New seasons. The words

That Other November

The glory-laden details of our tiny babe’s story isn’t limited to the fact that he was conceived after ten years of waiting.  (Although the glory-weight of that one detail is enough all on its own.)  The timing of his arrival is an

That One November

I stood in my best friend’s kitchen on a Friday evening with tears slipping down my face.  Shawna had just been discharged from the hospital a couple of hours earlier.  Her husband had just finished telling me what the doctors had said when

Let’s Be Gracious to Ourselves

Let’s be gracious to ourselves this weekend. Let’s embrace messy hair buns and pajamas all day and lingering long in bed. Let’s let our kids watch one more cartoon and our husbands have some reprieve from the honey-do