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Welcome to my writing haven – I’m so glad you stopped by! This is place I post publicly the Scripture-based-truths I’ve been chewing on privately. When I do, you can bet your biscuits that it’s likely no longer morning and I’m still a pajama-clad bed-head with an empty coffee mug somewhere close by.

I am the wife to an overly handsome man living on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.  I’m also a creative entreprenuer, and a scripture-digger having a passionate love affair with the Word of God.  The words published here are excerpts from my journals.

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JUNE 1-30, 2016


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A Stretched-Out Middle Finger

I’ve never been happier to be self-employed than during these last five months. When mornings linger long and afternoon naps beckon. I know these quiet days are numbered. So I’m digging in deep and squeezing out every single drop I

Stepping out of Delayed Fertility and Into Motherhood

It’s an interesting thing growing a tiny babe after a decade of being the-woman-who-had-none, living alongside women who were outnumbered by their children. In a way, I’m only six months into “recovery” from a decade-long

Grace so Glorious

I’m doing something new today.  Something I’ve thought about for a couple of weeks.  Something that pushes you straight back to Him.  Because, after all, that’s the whole point of everything that I share with you, isn’t

Stepping Into His Calling

I was talking with Jen of Unveiled Wife this morning about this miracle-journey of ours. “It’s strange how it’s happening,” I said. “Like the most important moments are being slowed down. And He’s helping me to