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Official release date:Mercy Like Morning

i could simply share with you the treasures i've discovered.

But I'd rather give you the treasure map.

I am bursting at the seams for the big reveal of my book! Until then, I'd love for you to get acquainted with the two-year journey of writing it! Click the images below to read all about it:

Mercy like Morning

  • When you open up the very first chapter of my
  • You guys!! We are in the home stretch to this
  • Im in round two of book edits this morning The
  • We were laying in our hotel room bed in the
  • That is a wrap friends! At least for this round!
  • I spent my overnight hours last night locked into another
  • I see you there Monday coming in hot with burning
  • Because Fridays are meant for pajamas Especially the Fridays that
  • I wrote for 11 hours today I wrote all day
  • Ive been digging around in my journal from five years
  • Sometimes I think I am less a writer and more
  • I passed the halfway mark in the bookwriting process this

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