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Advent Day Fourteen: That We Might Serve Him

We’re more than halfway through Advent. There are only nine days left until Christmas. And about 40 verses left to study in our story. Thanks so much for following along with me. For learning with me as I learn. And for digging alongside me.

I began my morning with Psalm 138. And as I read, my eyes rested on eight words. David’s words describing the day he cried out to God and He answered, making him bold with strength in his soul. The King James Version translates the phrase as God making him strengthened with strength.  In doing so, He

rendering him fierce and courageous

Brave and bold and daring. It was a powerful phrase that struck the chords of my heart. LORD… render me fierce, I prayed.

This afternoon, I picked up in Luke where we left off yesterday: in the middle of Zacharias’ powerful prophecy. He had just finished speaking words seasoned with thankfulness for God-Who-Provided-Himself-A-Sacrifice. And He-Who-Raised-Up-A-Horn-Of-Salvation. And he was about to speak on the why behind it all. The purpose to the prophecies that had been spoken since the world began – the world He Himself created. To give a little bit of satisfaction to the curiosity behind the why of that Holy Spirit conception.

she would deliver Him that He could deliver us

Jesus was born to die.  That He could deliver our souls from death.  That He could deliver us from our transgressions and the sin that so easily overpowers and ensnares us.  That He could deliver us from evil. And from the evil one: that enemy of ours, the devil, who prowls around like a roaring lion that is fiercely hungry, seeking someone – anyone – to devour. God did all this and foretold all this so He could deliver us from the mouth of that lion  Just like He delivered Daniel. And once we believe in that Holy-Spirit-conception and that God-Provided-Sacrifice Who carried His own wood up the hill to die the only human death that would ever compensate for our sin?

He grants us the privilege of serving Him

And worshiping Him. And ministering to Him. Without fear. Because the second you are set free from sin, the power is taken away from that enemy-the-lion. The roaring stops. And the mouth is shut. And that fierceness he stalks us with? God renders it afresh within us. Just like David said in Psalm 138. When I cry out to the LORD, and ask Him to deliver my soul from death. And from the sin that so easily overpowers me. When I pray as Jesus later would, asking Him to deliver me from evil, He renders me fierce. And bold. And courageous.

And I am freed up to serve Him in the holiness and righteousness that only comes with deliverance. And with a fierceness that only comes with freedom. Before Him. In the beauty of His presence. All the days of my life.

Oh LORD… render us fierce. Deliver us from the sin that so easily ensnares and make us bold with strength in our soul. That we might serve You. Without fear. Courageously. And confidently. In holiness and righteousness. Before You. All the days of our life.

Verses referenced:

Psalm 138:3
Luke 1:71-75
Psalm 33:19
Psalm 39:8
Matthew 6:13
Hebrews 12:1
1 Peter 5:8
Daniel 6:10-23

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