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Mornings with Jesus aren’t one-size-fits-all. Ready to tailor yours to your personality and make your morning thrive?

You asked.  We answered.

We recently asked you to complete a survey for us and 600 of you were kind enough to do so.  And do you know what we found?  Nearly 70% of you wanted more Bible Studies!  So we thought “why not gather all the Truth-chasers in one place?”  And, in doing so, make your Monday morning inboxes a little bit richer?


While Bible Studies can’t be written overnight, the chewed-on-thoughts that eventually lead to them can be dropped along the way.  Together, we can start a conversation.  A this-is-what-I’m-thinking, what-does-that-spur-in-you dialogue to start your Monday right where you should: in God’s Word.  I know the starting point.  And like so many other studies I’ve written, I’m not sure where it will end up.  So I’m inviting you along on this journey with me.  Once a week.  To walk with me step-for-glory-step.

These Dear Monday emails could be my thoughts as transcribed from my prayer journal.  They could be a prompt to dig a little deeper on your own.  They could be a PDF download with a little more meat because I just couldn’t eliminate one thought for the sake of word count.  But one thing you can count on?  Something waiting for you.  In your email.  Every single Monday.

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