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Mornings with Jesus aren’t one-size-fits-all. Ready to tailor yours to your personality and make your morning thrive?

Be Thou My Vision a Bible Study for Creative Entrepreneurs

Be Thou My Vision:

a Bible Study

Be Thou My Vision is a three-week (or more!) Bible study for the business-minded, creative entrepreneur. It gives you the tools to get started and then steps out of the way to let you dig in on your own. Because, as it turns out, God has quite a bit to say about this calling He has placed on your life. And He would rather whisper it to you directly, than have you hear it third-party from me!


It could take one week, it could take nine. But by the end of it? You’ll have the most important business plan (custom-tailored just for you) that you could never have written yourself.


Be Thou My Vision is a 55-page PDF download that you can either print yourself or read on any device. (If you opt to read it on your tablet or phone have a notebook or prayer journal handy to answer the questions!)


Be Thou My Vision features:
• 2 weeks of fill-in-the-blank Bible study that dig into the verses God has given me for my business.
• 1 week of open-ended guided space for you to explore the pieces of Scripture that God has given you for yours, designed generically enough to be printed as many times as you need.


Take a peek inside: