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Introducing the Quiet Time Binder

I cannot believe the day is finally here! I’ve done as much prepping, tinkering, procrastinating, and praying as I can. Believe me, I could drag this out for many more months – there was a reason I started talking about it so publicly: to keep me accountable. To push me past the fear and dance right on over all that doubt.

✨ Introducing your new favorite quiet time companion! ✨

You know all those Bible study notes you’ve taken over the years as you spend your mornings with Jesus? You finally have a beautiful place to store them. 😍

Friend, meet the Quiet Time Binder – the culmination of two decades of Scripture-digging, 14 years of photography and graphic design experience, and one good old-fashioned idea. 🤩

The Quiet Time Binder features:
• 66 tabbed dividers for every book of the Bible
• Differentiating colors for Old and New Testament books
• A place for you to note significant prayer journal dates
• A place to pray before and after you study a book
• Gold hardware
• Metal-reinforced corners
• The most beautiful aqua-blue cover (the story of it is at
• A subtle herringbone pattern finishing the inside

And my most favorite feature? It’s the nameplate – the place where you can write your name as well as the names of the ones who will be following along after you. The ones who will carry on your legacy of Scripture study, whether they are physical children or spiritual.

The Quiet Time Binder is live on Kickstarter. “What’s that?” You might be wondering. Well, it’s a place where you can pre-order the binder in advance of the first order. This might help explain it a little bit:

When the project hits its fundraising goal, Kickstarter releases the funds, and the first order is sent off to the manufacturer. If all goes according to plan, you will be holding this beauty in your hands by June!

If you’re quick you can snag one of the Limited Edition Binders: you will receive one of the very first 150 copies of the binder, fresh from the manufacturing company and hand-numbered with a personalized note from me included in your shipment. 😍

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this project. And I would love the honor of your partnership in bringing it to life.

Ready to pre-order your binder?

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