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Let’s Be Roof-Rippers

Let’s be roof-rippers.

Where there is heartache.  And tragedy.  And loss.  Let’s not just stand by and shake our heads.  Let’s not watch the news for thirty minutes and then let our days go on as normal.  Let’s get on knees and pound fists on heaven and pray for our country.  Let’s weep with those who weep.  Let’s be the Luke-5-friends that carry the physically and emotionally wounded up to the roof.  And then tear open a hole.  And lift them down to the feet of Jesus.  Let’s not think that our prayers will be lost in the collective cries of the hurting and the outraged.

Let’s intercede.  And pray without ceasing.

[Tweet “In a world of Orlando ostriches and turned-blind-eyes, let’s be roof-rippers.”]

Let’s rip off roofs on behalf of friends and strangers alike.

Let’s be roof-rippers.


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