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Our Bond is Eternal

This blog has been quiet lately.  I go through ebbs and flows of posting, and I’ve written more than one of these I’m-sorry-for-being-so-quiet type of posts in the last handful of words.

But the truth is, Instagram is really more of my blog.  And as I realized that yesterday, I decided to start posting little snippets from Instagram here.  As fillers in-between the digging-deeper, longer posts.  Because the truth is, I’m working on some writing outside of this blog.  And my words have been saved for those pages.

And also, this:


We hit the 24-week mark this weekend.  It was late last Friday night. I was laying on the couch, and I reached over and put Josh’s hand on the bottom left part of my belly that this sweet babe loves to tuck himself into. And as Sturgill Simpson sang the words below, my sweet husband felt his son move for the first time.

And the tears were instant.

There will be nights that go on forever
Like you’re long-lost at sea
Never to be found
Just know in your heart
That we’re always together
And long after I’m gone
I’ll still be around
‘Cause our bond is eternal

And so is love
God is inside you all around you
And up above.

– All Around You

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