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Treasures of Darkness Online Bible Study

Hi friends!  We are so excited to kick off a brand new Online Bible Study for the summer!

treasures of darkness

The 9-week study begins Wednesday, July 13, 2016

About the Study:

in 2011, Jane Johnson was five years into a battle with delayed fertility.  Her best friend was five months into an 18-month battle with stage four colon cancer.  Prayer journals provided an outlet, through which she was able to tread privately in the dark waters of grieving, heartache, and loss.

Three years later, coming from a place of healing and restoration, Jane stitched together her experiences through those journals into an in-depth women’s Bible study exploring the intrinsic holiness found in affliction and joy.  Faith and thankfulness.  Contentment and sovereignty.  And the priceless treasures that can be found in the darkest of days.  In this study, Jane provides the tools necessary to dig deeper into Scripture and press deeper into your relationship with God.  That you may know that He is the LORD.  And He has called you by name.  Even through the darkness.

The Weekly Outline:

Week 1: Taming the Tongue
Week 2: The Tabernacle & Prayer
Week 3: The Beauty of Holiness
Week 4: Crowning Glory
Week 5: Contentment
Week 6: Understanding Affliction
Week 7: Thankfulness & Joy
Week 8: Faith & Hope
Week 9: Sovereignty

What You Need:

The most important resource for this study is the Treasures of Darkness book, available on Amazon.  In addition to the book, you will need your Bible, a notebook or journal, and internet access daily.



How It Works:

The study will kick off on Wednesday, July 13 with an introduction to the study overall and a preview of what the next week will hold.  When you get into the groove of things, you will be doing homework daily, Monday through Friday.  Every Wednesday for the duration of the study will feature a new post right here that creates dialogue about the previous week’s homework, and also introduces the next week.

Want to be a part of the weekly dialogue?

• Comment on the posts
• Use the hashtags #treasuresofdarknessstudy and #obswithjanejohnson

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