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The 2021 Quiet Time Challenge

Five years ago, on a tropical Maui day date with my husband, I picked out an obscure-for-me journal that would later prove to hold the written-worship response to my long-awaited miracle. I didn’t expound then on why I selected it – that was a private story I’m not even sure I shared with my husband (but one I would later share in my book.) It was a rare new year that also corresponded with the very beginning of a brand new prayer journal – because God apparently wanted a blank slate to tell His glory-story.

As I read my blog post from that day, it was filled with the kind of details that were signature for me in those waiting days – those treasure nuggets I would clean from my drawn-out quiet times that were rich and sometimes complicated (often tracing their way through half-a-dozen different cross-references), but always glory-laden. I realized as I read: I miss those quiet times. I have struggled through finding consistency in my mornings for nearly a year now, which surprised me. I had a solid quiet time plan for years in our waiting. And even after my first two babes were born, easing back into my morning routine was fairly seamless.

… but then 2020, right?

For many of us, this year has been a doozy, and for all different kinds of reasons. But there is good news: there is only one day of it left. And come next week? We can all step into the new year with fresh footing and a hopeful outlook. All good things start with a first step, and today I’m inviting you to take your first step into a brand new quiet time commitment with me.

I’m thrilled to invite you to

It’s my second-ever Quiet Time Challenge, and the first time was met with 2,000 participants spread across 40 different countries! I cannot wait to see what happens with this one! As Christians, we often hear how important a quiet time is, but we aren’t often taught how to have one. Maybe you’ve had a set time to dig into your Bible successfully set aside in the past and find yourself out of the consistent reading habit (🙋🏽‍♀️). Or, maybe you’ve never had a dedicated quiet time because the thought of it is overwhelming and you’re wondering: How do I start? The answer is simply taking the first step. And, with quite possibly one of the most difficult years of our lives finally coming to an end, the beginning of a brand new year is the very best time to start.

I know I need a little kick in the pants, so I’m saying right here, right now: I’m setting my alarm and dragging my sleep-deprived booty out of bed in the morning to get back into my morning-digging routine. And I’m inviting anyone that wants to join to jump on the party bus with me because things like this are always easier with a little bit of accountability.

What is the Quiet Time Challenge?

The 2021 Quiet Time Challenge is a FREE 14-day guided journey through the first 14 Psalms designed to get you into that morning-reading habit.

How does it work?

Every morning,  you will have an email waiting in your inbox for you.  The daily email contains:
• The suggested Scripture reading
• Easy journaling suggestions
• 1 or 2 open-ended questions for an extra challenge

Ready to sign up? Fill out the form below.
The Quiet Time Challenge officially begins Monday, January 4th.
Registration will remain open through the end of January, so you can start anytime you are ready!


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