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Sorrow and Spurgeon

I confided in a friend one weekend: confessing how tired I was of being sorrowful.  Weary of crying regularly.  I want to be able to wait confidently on God for a family… and not grieve the season of waiting.  Then I read Psalm 13:

Followed by these words by Charles Spurgeon (emphasis mine):

It is not easy to prevent desire from degenerating into impatience.  O for grace that, while we wait on God, we may be kept from indulging a murmuring spirit!
– Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 13:1

Let the eye of my faith be clear, that I may see my God in the dark; let my eye of watchfulness be wide open lest I be entrapped, and let the eye of my understanding be illuminated to see the right way. … It is worthy to be observed that the joy is all the greater because of the previous sorrow.
Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 13:3

He hath dealth bountifully with me.  So it shall be with us if we wait awhile.
Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 13:6

God, I pray that these wouldn’t simply be words written on a page, but that these truths would take root in my soul.  And when I get sad again (because I will), I pray I will return to You again for help of my countenance and enlightenment of my eyes.

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