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The Hats I Wear (and Styling your Quiet Time Space)

I spent a blissful three nights holed up in a hotel room by myself ten days ago, studying and writing and only taking breaks to stretch my body and eat some food. I rewarded myself at the end of both full working days with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a guilty-pleasure show, and it was full-on introvert bliss.

And then I came home to real life: a four-year-old with a cold, a teething 11-month-old who was learning to walk, and a two-year-old ready for potty training. The week was full of a kind of constant nurture-and-teach rhythm as their little minds grow, and their bodies build immunities.

Through all of my nurturing and teaching with little ones this week, I realized: that is what I want to do right here, in this space. To nurture and teach and do what I can to eliminate obstacles and erase expectations and smooth the way ahead for you – clearing the path for you most clear and thriving and consistent quiet time ever.

I wear a lot of hats around here – every hat you could imagine, actually. I’m not just mother to three young children and wife and writer, I’m also: art director, content creator, copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, editor, tech support, webmaster, customer service, decision-maker, and all-around problem solver. And still, with all those hats on a constant rotation throughout the day, I make time to pause in the presence of God.

Now, please know: I don’t say that self-righteously. I share that to say: if I can find the time to squeeze in some time with Jesus, anyone can.

Last week, I asked a question on my Instagram stories:

what’s the #1 thing that is stopping you from studying Scripture?

The answers came quickly and were consistent. The number one answer? Time. Other responses included: not knowing where to start or how to dig deep. Some feel overwhelmed at the idea of it or are unsure how to keep it all organized.

I’m working on putting together some free resources to help you leap over those hangups. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you as well.

What’s stopping you (and why)?
Let’s get real together – drop me a note!

In the meantime, if you’re wondering how to store your growing pile of Quiet Time tools, this week’s freebie is just for you:

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