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from the ‘gram :: vol. 3

A few weeks ago, I was stuck. We were in a holding pattern of sorts with a babe who made his way into our bed every single night, making it difficult for both Josh and me to get up early at the same time. Someone had to make sure he wouldn’t roll right off the edge of the bed the moment he woke up giddy and wiggly and toddler-happy.

I hadn’t had a quiet time in two weeks, and I was feeling the impact. So I made a deal with God one day. “If You touch Jordan’s little body and help him to sleep all night in his own bed,” I prayed, “I will get up early for a quiet time.” And that night, I set my alarm for 6am as an act of faith.

Setting that faith-alarm was my new nightly routine. And then it would switch off at some point in the night as soon as Jordan was snuggled up between us to prevent a too-early wake up for him. But every night, I asked in faith that God would make the way for me to meet Him in the early morning while it’s still dark.

And then, after a couple of weeks of faithfully keeping up my end of the bargain, the alarm went off. And our babe was sleeping soundly in his crib. And I snuck out to our lanai in the morning dark with a fresh cup of coffee and met with Jesus in our pre-determined morning-space. And Jordan has slept all night in his own bed (until 8am!) ever since. (Well, except for last night. But there was a fever to blame for that.)

That day a few weeks ago, I came to God with a craving. And I came clinging to His Hosea-6:3-promise that He will come to us like the rain. I believed that He would make a way for us to meet together in the early morning. And he did. But the best thing about that first divine morning-meeting when God honored my alarm-clock-faith? It was when I stepped outside in the dark morning quiet. And it was raining. ☺
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