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IF:Gathering Maui

I had the incredible honor of being on a panel this last weekend at our local IF:Gathering. I sat alongside two other women and, together, we shared powerful stories of perseverance. One endured the sudden loss of her son ten years ago. The other was just celebrating her one year anniversary of freedom from an abusive marriage. And I shared the briefest snippets of my own story of loss and delayed fertility. Because there is power in spoken testimony. And with that, and the blood of Christ, we Revelation-12:11-overcome Satan. The same guy who stands, accusing you and me – daughters of God. Day and night in constant perpetuity in the form of lies and false accusations and dark whispers that serve as a flame-sniffing wick. And that word, accused? It means to stand before a judge and provide a compelling and vehement accusation as to why a person is guilty.

Ok, first of all, last time I checked? Satan isn’t a lawyer (though he plays the slimy-lawyer-part well). And second of all? I will be drawing a little line in my Bible between the words “who” and “accused” in Revelation 12:10 and an arrow pointing to the margin where I will write the word “falsely.” Just as a reminder to myself.

I shared about how, in the midst of the ten-year wait, my strongest conviction was that I would be caught in the act of believing should I ever find myself holding a positive pregnancy test. I didn’t want to be caught in the act of believing Satan’s lies. Of shying away from believing the promise that God had for us. Or even being angry with God, having willfully forgotten Him after feeling like He had forgotten me.

I wanted so desperately to be caught in the act of believing. And it turned out (by God’s incredible grace and kindness) that I was, and in a very dramatic way. (You can read that story here.)

Thank you, IF:Maui and @flourishwomensministry for allowing me to share our story yesterday, and for providing the means for over 300 women to worship Jesus together. What a treasure!

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