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Mercy Like Morning: It’s Launch Day!

It’s now the end of the day for most of you. Most “experts” would say that this post should have been pre-written and scheduled weeks ago. But I wanted to wait – to first sit in the holiness of this day, deciphering the emotion, processing the accomplishment. And then to post about it.

My alarm was set for early this morning. But, wouldn’t you know it, last night was a rare one with a restless babe who ended up in bed with us after multiple wake ups. So that alarm got snoozed and my anticipation of an early morning moment with God at the dawn of the day was set aside in a sleep-stupor.

But I managed to squeeze in a minute. Or twenty, at least – just Him and me while Jordan squeezed in a quick morning cat nap, the result of a too-early wake-up. I feel like I’ve run a marathon. Or three. One year ago, I nervously turned in the manuscript for the very first time, and today, this book was finally birthed into the world.

It doesn’t feel real.

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This weekend, we gathered with dozens from our Maui community to celebrate Mercy Like Morning. The party plans might have fallen apart at the last minute. And we might have been scrambling to change the venue (and notify everyone) an hour and a half before the party was scheduled to begin (that’s a whole other story by itself). But I happened to start getting ready early. And when the chaos hit, I had already done my makeup and told myself that i couldn’t cry because I didn’t have time to re-do it. So we scrambled. And we made it happen.

Two girlfriends came over immediately, helping to make the bed and hide the clutter and clean the kitchen and distribute flowers and transform our Saturday mess into party central in one hour flat.

The beautiful garden party I had planned suddenly became an intimate at-home gathering, and we toasted Shawna and her legacy and this story and God’s glory. We cheersed the fact that the book still wouldn’t be released for three more days, but had already been read by women across the United States and in Uganda, Kenya, and Australia.

I hugged necks and dined on charcuterie and uncomfortably signed books in sweats after my belly couldn’t handle the dress any longer. And tomorrow, Mercy Like Morning will be out there. Finally free for the world to devour and for the Spirit of God to use as He sees fit.

I’ve done my part. And now I get to sit back and watch God do His.

And this morning, the only prayer I could form was this: God, may Your glory go far and wide, riding on the wings of these words You have given me.

So here we are, at Mercy Like Morning‘s birth-day – a babe that was birthed just for you. And, nine weeks from now, we will welcome another babe into the world, birthed just for me. I’ve been a weepy mess all day, standing on the other side of this miracle.

Because it turns out that rainbows sometimes even go full-circle.

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(Here’s a peek at the launch party from this weekend):

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