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Ten Days for Ten Years

A year and a half ago, my husband and I took a life changing trip to Maui. Incidentally, he lost his wedding ring in the ocean on day five of a seven day trip. I’ve been begging him to get a replacement ever since. Let’s be honest – wedding rings are sexy. Especially on him.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day, and a quiet table for two in the corner of a quaint Colorado restaurant where we were celebrating a marriage milestone.  At that very moment ten years before, we were doing this:

Three thousand, six hundred and fifty days later, he ordered my favorite sentimental bottle of wine and handed me a package. Then I slipped the ring he picked out for himself onto his finger. And in less than four months, he’s moving me to that little island we fell in love with. One decade down with this man. Many more to come.

Since we’re picking up and moving to the tropics, we decided to get our fill of winter and take full advantage of a February anniversary.  Our #tendaysfortenyears trip ended up being thirteen days due to a last minute addition to the itinerary.  After all, spontaneity is one of my very favorite things – something that’s also deeply engrained in my personality.  So we road tripped to Colorado and holed up in a Steamboat Springs condo for awhile.  He skiied.  I snowboarded.  We both were in awe of the incredible scenery of the Rockies.  And we celebrated with some extra special polaroid film.  Because the most important events deserve to be framed in gold.

Here is a peek at our trip that ended with a log cabin in Jackson Hole – a visual story (told backwards with the end of the trip first because of how the embedding works) through or his and hers Instagrams.  Cheers to marriage.  Cheers to butterflies.  Cheers to still being head over heels in love.


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